Payroll Tax


A Complete Online Solution for Tax Calculation
Our Mudiam Company flagship product - easy, powerful and most importantly free online payroll tax calculator software to calculate all tax related transitions. PayMyCheck web portal fits the needs of most users regardless of their payroll needs. This Payroll Tax Calculator can be used to calculate the payroll taxes for more than 15,000 tax jurisdictions for the federal and state, county and other local taxes like school district taxes as well as the rail taxes paid by both employee and employers. It also handles work and residence location, reciprocity, bonus wages, gross up and tip income.
Our payroll tax calculator can unfold the mystery of payroll taxes – separating employee taxes from employer taxes that include FUTA, SUTA, SDI, WH and various other 20 different payroll taxes where applicable. This tax calculator can be used throughout United States for different tax calculations.
You Can Integrate any Gross Payroll System with our Payroll Tax Calculator Engine
If you have in-house payroll or if you are running payroll service bureau or a PEO organization or you have home grown gross payroll system which is built either in legacy systems like mainframes or in Windows or Web based Microsoft .NET or Java technologies – we can help you integrate your gross payroll with our payroll tax engine to compute payroll taxes and print checks in-house.
PayCheck Calculator
Paycheck Calculator helps you to estimate the taxes and Net Pay for the given Gross. Paycheck of an Employee depends on the pay frequency like Weekly or Bi-Weekly or Semi-monthly or Monthly. Net pay also depends on marital status as well as residence and work location of the employee.
What else is free on this Website Portal?
We can estimate your payroll taxes in USA. These free calculators are for calculating your take home pay. This will help you manage your income, expenses and plan your budget on a monthly basis for a better managed financial life.
Branding your Employee Self Service Portal in your corporate network
Using our white label and private label options, you can license our tax engine to install in your corporate network for Employee ESS purposed. For more information, please Contact Us: