Payroll Tax


US Payroll Tax Engine is an online solutions provider for different tax guide tax calculations. By using US Payroll Tax Engine allows customers to integrate their own subsystems to the tax engine or to develop their own taxation applications accurate and always up-to-date. US Tax Engine is used to calculate the income tax for FEDERAL and STATES (i.e. 52 STATES)for both Employer/Employee including payroll taxes like Withholding, EE FICA, ER FICA, EE Medicare, ER Medicare, Rail Road Tier I and II, Fed Unemployment (FUTA), State Unemployment(SUTA) and many other taxes.

All calculations are check date based, applying the date appropriate rates and tables.
Bull Tax Calculator for FEDERAL Regular
Bull Tax Calculator for FEDERAL Supplemental
Bull Tax Calculator for Both FEDERAL Regular & Supplemental.
Bull Tax Calculator for FEDERAL and State
Bull Tax Calculator for State Employer Unemployment Tax
Bull Tax Calculator for Earned Income Credit