Payroll Tax


US Payroll Tax Calculator Engine, an online solutions provider for calculating payroll taxes. By using US Payroll Tax Calculator, we allow customers to integrate their corporate portals(a.k.a., intranet portals) with our tax calculator to calculate both the employee and employer payroll taxes..

We provide two types of labels for integration into our customer corporate networks. In Private Label you can integrate our tax calculator (which will have our company logo in), where as with White Label, our company logo will not be present – it will be shown as if the product belongs to your company's.
Both these label options will enrich their employee's experience by providing our payroll calculators in their employee Self Service Portals. Currently we provide FIVE payroll tax calculators which are innovatively designed with features such as retroactive payroll tax calculations, reciprocity and handles deductions like 401(k) contributions.
1.Federal Calculator For states where there are no withholding taxes for states: AL, FL,NV, NH, SD, TN, TX, WA; you can use this to calculate regular and supplemental taxes on wages. All these calculators – also take into account of deductions like 401(k), computes FUTA, EE and ER FICA (Social Security) as we Medicare taxes. a. Regular: calculates withholding taxes on regular wages.
b. Supplemental: calculates withholding taxes on supplemental wages.
c. Combination of Regular and Supplemental: calculates withholding taxes on regular and supplemental wages when they happen in your pay stub in the same pay period.
2. State and Federal Calculator: Computes taxes for wages (both regular and supplemental) in all 50 states. This calculator also accounts for reciprocity between different states so as to correctly calculate payroll taxes. 3. Unemployment Calculator: Computes State Employer Unemployment tax. 4. EIC Calculator:This calculator computes the Federal Earned Income Tax. 5. State Rail Road Calculator: In this calculator you can calculate the State Rail Road taxes for regular and supplemental wages.