Payroll Tax


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This product offers the following services We help you to integrate Gross Payroll System with tax calculator using our Professional Services. We help you to validate your organizational employee for Withholding and other Payroll taxes by processing current employee's master data to make sure your organization processing the taxation as per IRS guide lines. By using Batch Processing, we provide accurate payroll taxes for your employees input data and also integration to your payroll system. MID-YEAR Payroll Conversion We can help you to convert legacy tax data into our current tax system by careful mapping appropriate taxable wages(amount) to our tax system in order to generate a single W2- form an employee for an year. This product also offers the following services Whenever there is an update to Tax Rates for Taxing Authorities, We help our customers by notifying a mail, So that they can integrate appropriate payroll system.
BullCalculate on wages and also 401(K) deductions.
BullCalculate taxes even on I Phone application.
BullProvide 24/7 online access.
Help documents like Bull User Documents for all states
Bull API Document
As an added benefit for enterprise customers, Mudiam ™ also provides optional dedicated fulltime and on-call specialized teams to meet the client support requirements.
Software Support and Maintenance also ensures that the client receives the latest software support patches to enhance the services.
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