Payroll Tax


Federal Supplemental Tax Calculator
In this Federal Supplemental Tax Calculator screen, you can calculate the Federal Supplemental Tax Rate for an employee who has regular wages. If you enter the gross value with personal exemptions and by choosing marital status, when you click on the GENERATE TAX button, it will display the Employee Paystub. In that Paystub, you can view EE related payroll taxes like (EE FICA (for Federal Insurance Contributions Act), EE Medicare and supplemental tax withholding ), Net pay as well as Employer contributed payroll taxes (like ER FICA, ER Medicare and FUTA).

Supplemental income is taxed differently from regular income as per IRS guidelines by our payroll calculators. You can also enter deductions like 401(k) EE contributions in the input data fields. We also let you enter input data for Year-To-Date Wages (YTD-W) and Year-To-Date Taxes (YTD-T) to retroactively adjust payroll taxes (Pay-as-you-go IRS system).
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