Payroll Tax


Federal Regular Tax Calculator
Here you can calculate federal payroll taxes for your regular wages like either weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay. Based on your marital status, exemptions in your federal W-4 withholding form, you can estimate payroll taxes. When an employee works in states like TX, (and other 8 states), she/he is subjected to only federal taxes as there are NO payroll taxes at state level. This tax calculator computes payroll taxes for Regular Wages.

Payroll taxes comprise of employee liable as well as employer liable taxes. These payroll taxes include withholding, social security, medicare and unemployment.

You may also enter 401k employee and employer contributions in the input screen to arrive at the net pay. You can also enter YTD wages and YTD taxes to arrive at the net pay accurately to account for auto-adjust payroll tax calculations.
PayCheck Details
Pay Date
Taxing Authority Type I2
No of Exemptions I2
Marital Status I2
Pay Type I2
Current Regular Wages I2
Additional Withholdings I2
YTD Regular Wages I2
YTD Regular Taxes I2
EE 401k Contribution I2